I am a passionate Photographer and Videographer specialized in Fashion & Beauty Photography and Commercial Videography.

Working with people and light telling a compelling story is what motivates me.

My journey is not conventional, being an active photographer at Highschool I chose a career in Science (Physics) and Information Technology before I returned to Photography around 2015. After some time discovering my creative voice I focused on Fashion and Beauty Photography.

December 2019 I graduated from the ‘Fotoacademie Amsterdam’ in the field ‘Applied Photography’. (At that time it was part of a separate school run by the Academy, but since medio 2022 it’s official part of the Academy)

I started my business in February 2020.

Next to Photography I do video/movie work. In 2021 I worked as a Gaffer for a Short Film production and made some event videos. In 2022 I edited a full length documentary and continued creating videos.