Welcome to the Homepage of Gaston Lamaitre Photography

This website is dedicated to Fashion and Beauty photography showing images in a Editorial, Commercial and Portrait style.
My work is for the most part in color, but I do Black and White also when the image is suited for it.

I like to approach the event of taking someones image, wether a professional model or someone not used to being photographed, as a special event and always try to portrait the subject in a glamorous way.

My vision of Fashion is that clothes are an expression of who the wearer is (or wants to be). That is why I photograph my subjects being confident/strong, comfortable and at ease.

This was one of the most fun shoots I did. It shows that photography is much more than pushing a camera button, and modelling is more than a pretty face. We were doing a commercial shoot with a headset of an Audio-brand. Only the headset came without batteries (yes: * not included) and we were not able to connect a music stream to it. So I told the models before te shoot that when they wore the headset they had to imagine the most beautiful music coming from it. And boy did they deliver! Can you guess some music tastes?