Gaston Lamaitre is a Dutch Fashion and Portrait Photographer based in the Center of The Netherlands close to 3 major cities (including Amsterdam).


Gaston Lamaitre was born in Hilversum in The Netherlands in 1964. At the age of 8 he got his first camera and fell in love with photography. At High-School he taught himself darkroom techniques, trained interested classmates and (re-) started the school photoclub.

After a studying Physics and a career in research and IT, Gaston studied Photography at ‘Fotoschool Amsterdam’, where he graduated December 19, 2019.

Gaston has publish is a number of international and national magazines and exhibited work in some smaller expositions. In November 2018 Gaston won the ‘Best Avantgarde Photographer 2018’ title.

Gaston lives and works in the Utrecht Province of The Netherlands with his wife and three children.

Editorial publications:

– ‘Many Aspects’, Surreal Magazine, April 2019 (No. 552)

– ‘Tre Stilisti’, Picton Magazine, May 2019 (with Front and Back covers of the Fashion edition of the release)

– ‘She is, she was, she will always be’, VFOOK 2019 Magazine of Akademie Vogue Amsterdam

– Title photo of ‘Interview met Daisy van der Veen en Sensemielja Sumter ….’, RBM Media, August 18, 2019

– ‘Trash Art and Dance’, Faddy Italy Magazine Nr. 14 Showcase 4, November 2019


– ‘Avantgarde’, Worldfashion Centre Amsterdam, November 2018

– ‘FOOK No 5, 2019 exhibition’, Akademie Vogue Amsterdam, June 2019

– ‘Horizon’, Fotoacademie/Fotoschool Amsterdam, Sept. 13 – Nov. 22, 2019

– ‘Horizon-2 Exam Exhibition’, Fotoacademie/Fotoschool Amsterdam, Nov. 22, 2019 – Jan 8. 2020


-‘Best Avantgarde Photographer 2018-2019’, Nov. 16 2018 (Vicky Foundation, Miss & Mr. Avantgarde The Netherlands – Beauty, Eco-Friendly, Design & Photography)

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